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Theater Friends - Having lost a partner in early of 2019 and dealing with COVID-19 for the last year, Stage Research the entity will officially close on 12/31/2020. 27 years of supporting the entertainment community!! The applications Stage Research published will transition to Timeline Theatrics and will continue to be supported and developed. A new initiative called Paradigm-X will lead next generation development.

Applications will continue to be free to the community! Stage Research has given away over $3 million dollars worth of software to over 4500 individuals in 2020!! Donations accepted here if you are able to help out.

Timeline Theatrics is a new division of Inline Technology Services which is a full stack software development company specializing in unique custom applications.

Stay tuned for further information and sign up for Paradigm-X if you are interested in participating in coding or design of future generation applications.

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Paradigm - X

Calling all designers, operators and software developers! Are you ready to audition to be part of the next generation team to develop incredibly awesome applications for the entertainment industry?

At this time, we are taking names - click here if you are interested.



SFX is a leading live entertainment sound playback software application. The typical venue for SFX is theatre, but it is also used by theme parks, magicians, and other related venues that require the playback of music and sound effects. SFX puts the art back into sound design: instead of worrying about technological limitations, you can now create rich sound designs that can be reliably played back during each performance!

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RF Guru

RF Guru does two main things and also has several other groovy features. One thing you can do with RF Guru is tell it what wireless microphone units you have or want and it will give you the maximum possible optimum frequencies you can safely use without interference. The other way to use RF Guru is by starting with an existing wireless microphone setup and telling it what frequencies you are using and it will calculate for you the problems with your system that might lead to intermod (i.e. interference). You can even tell it which city you are in - practically around the globe - and it will take into account local TV signals in nearly all countries.

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RF Scanner

RF Scanner is designed to use external hardware to scan for frequencies that are currently present or appear over time in your venue. Any frequency over a certain dBm Threshold will be written to a .CSV file that can be imported into RF Guru or used in any program that can open/import .CSV files.

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