Project - Paradigm X

For decades computer software has been instrumental in entertainment productions from your local community theatre to Broadway, West Bank, and themed emersions around the world. Many have contributed to the development of software technologies that make art. Two of those innovators started a company in the early 1990s that lead the paradigm shift to computerized audio playback and show control that is the blue print of all current adaptations. SFX started the revolution and continues to be a major solution for entertainment venues worldwide.

Today you have numerous options whether you use Windows, iOS or Linux for your show design and playback needs. While each program is unique, their function is to provide a solution for designers to create and operators to play.

When SFX was developed our model included cart machines, reel to reel, tape decks and CDs. It was with purposeful intention that SFX didn't model this technology but provide a paradigm shift to a new tool.

It is time for a new paradigm shift.

This is a crowd sourced initiative bringing together developers, designers, and operators to develop a community based next generation application for live and themed entertainment.

What is Paradigm-X? That's a great question with, at this time, no clear answer. That's where you come in.

There are some pretty cool applications in the theatrical/themed industry that provides solutions for productions across the globe. They all have something unique about them and each is well suited for the tasks they are deployed for.

Initiative Paradigm-X is to research and develop that next generation application for the theatrical and themed industry. Previous paradigm shifts like moving from physical cart/cd/reel-to-reel machines to a computer program, or "why would you ever want more than two channels of audio from a computer", this initiative is looking for that next leap that will bring a new level of possibilities for our industry.

Is it AI to mix complex shows? Full immersion audio/video? Microsoft Halolens to virtually pick and place sound and lights? Complex soundscapes built by selecting parameters not actual sound?

Who knows? What I do know is that it'll take a team of visionaries to brainstorm ideas and a team of skilled developers to bring those ideas into an application.

Join the team


  • Sound Designers

  • Video Designers

  • Light Designers

  • Sound Board Ops/A1/A2

  • Software Programmers - Microsoft, iOS and Linux

  • Anyone interested in providing feedback/ideas for theatrical/themed software